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Getting Married |Planning your wedding | Why you should hire a Planner |Orlando, Florida

January 8, 2019

Congratulations!! On entering a new chapter in your life, now take a sit, a deep breath and get ready to embark on a Roller coaster ride of many emotions. You are now “Excited” be on words. It is time to start planning what will be an extraordinary day for you both.

You might ask, “what’s next”? Here is what I can tell you, there will be many questions that will start with What, When and Where, take a deep breath and think about hiring a professional Wedding planner. Your wedding day will have many elements and logistics that will have to happen. Hiring a professional will be a great decision, trust me I know why.

Here is why.

An experience, well train, educated and certified planner will defiantly guide you correctly. He or She will make sure that many of the things you will need to start the planning process is in place.

I truly believe in the hiring of a planner because we understand what comes with planning a very special day. You will be searching for Venues, Photographers, Videographers, Caters, Cake Designers, flower and décor designers and so much more. The knowledge and ability that a professional wedding planner like myself, and my staff is important. As the Head Wedding Planner of Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie, I know how and where to go in finding the most qualified and talented Wedding Professional so that your day runs smoothly and picture perfect!

Will I be able to afford the services of a wedding planner?

Ask yourself-Do you want to stress? be overwhelm and rely on family and friends that have many opinions and none of which are yours! You will just add to your already wedding nerves and stress, planning your wedding must be fun and full of new experiences.

Hiring a planner will relieve those feelings of being overwhelmed and relying on members of your family and friends. They should be enjoying your wedding planning in other ways.

About US!

Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie is a Full Event Planning Boutique, we offer full event planning, Day of Coordination, Flower and Event Design. We have the knowledge, skill and abilities to carry out a beautiful day for you, and see to it that you will be stress free, we can’t promise that you will not have the "Wedding Day " nerves that come with your actual day, but we can for sure know that your day will run smoothly and be what you always wanted for your Wedding Day.


An ongoing series of informational entries

Same Sex Wedding | Maps, Globes & Vintage Suitecases| Polk City



Beautiful same sex couple truly in LOVE with one another and friends since High School.

Christy shared how much she loves her partner Robin with my husband and I.

We truly get excited to hear Love Story’s like theirs.

Christy expressed that Robin is “the one” and was planning to propose. Shortly after that Christy did pop the question and Robin said, Yes!. We were so thrilled to have been part of the surprise proposal.

We at Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie were booked to assist, plan and coordinate the day and design details and elements of décor and opulent florals for their Wedding Day.

The spectacular venue was selected and booked, and planning was in full effect, we were honored to be part of some incredible tastings and so much more. We at Modern Chic & Shabby Events by JoeAnnie joined them for some of their incredible shopping days. Attention to every detail was key, they had a vision and theme for “Their Greatest Adventure Yet” wedding. Christy and Robin truly enjoyed every aspect of the wedding planning and details. Specific elements of décor were just a joy to acquire. Every vintage and antique shop was a true treat for them, from finding the exact color globe, compass, vintage suitcases, signs and antique cameras, they knew exactly what they wanted to convey and share with their love ones on thier special day.

Wedding Day

On December 8th, 2018, our last wedding of the year, they became one, sharing their love and commitment to each other in self written vows that made their love ones cry and laugh out loud was just incredible to witness. You can see the love that all their dear friends and love ones have for them.

They married at an amazing venue: Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, Florida. This evening was captured through the lens of photography and video team of Daylin Lavoy Photography & Justine Clarke Videography. The evening was highlighted by amazing music from Xclusive Deejays. The delicious food was catered by Puff 'n Stuff Catering, one of the most sought out caters in Central Florida. The beautifully designed cake was inspired by Christy and Robins theme and their love of vintage suitcases, Sharon and Cyndol, cake designers of Cut the Cake captured the theme incredibly. Robin was glammed by the talented team of Master Image Salon at Champions Gate. The unique wedding bands were custom made with Christy’s design in mind by the incredible designers at Blue Goldsmith in North Carolina.

These amazing vendor and wedding professional teams just made it all  come together for Christy and Robin. Congratulations to them and a huge thank you to all.


Photography |Daylin Lavoy Photography |Daylin Lavoy-Clarke

Planners |Day of Coordinators | Flower Design - Modern Chic & Shabby Events by Annie JoeAnn Muniz

Venue | Fantasy of Flight |Venue Coordinator | Kandice K Stephens

DJ and Up lighting | Xclusive DeeJays.

Catering |Puff N Stuff

Wedding Cake |Cut the Cake

Robin’s Hair and Make Up | Master Image Salon Champions Gate

Wedding Bands by |Blue Goldsmiths | Asheville NC 


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An ongoing series of informational entries



Mendhi  Night, henna art  is part of a South Asian tradition.  You will see it used in many Hindu Brides.  It is part of a tradition where future brides are drawn on their hands and feet.  The beautiful intricate designs to adorn the brides are quite special.   The Henna artist will place the grooms name hidden within the design. It is said that he searches for it at the end of the evening, when they are in private . They also say the darker the henna design turns on the skin, the more he loves her. Another interesting fact is that brides are not to do any house chores until the henna fades. Nice ! 

Victoria and Troy's Traditional Hindu Wedding really showcased their culture and the love and respect for the same.  In keeping  with their tradition,   Victoria's Mendhi night  started her 4 day wedding festivities. She wore a  traditional Saree dress that was also worn by her maternal  grandmother  on her Wedding day years ago, and then handed down to her mother  who wore it on her Wedding day years earlier.  It was so beautiful to see all the rich tones of reds and golds. I was truly taken by the beauty and creative Henna Designs drawn on her guests and the gorgeous Sarees worn by them.  I too joined in and wore a Saree, It was such an honor to indulge in the beauty and rich culture of her Mendhi Night, from the delicious food prepared to us designing for this beautiful night.  .